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An accountability group for people passionate about language and culture. 

Join the most passionate group of language learners on the web! 

Here's how we'll inspire and motivate each other for RESULTS. 

Video Conference

Weekly accountability session with other passionate learners!

  • Discuss your weekly intentions and goals with the group  and keep yourself accountable 

  • Get insight and advice from peers and experts 

  • Stay afterwards to study together Pomodoro style and stay focused

  • Join focus groups to practise your speaking, reading, writing or more! 

Magazine and Coffee

Our e-magazine with in-depth features on language learning methods.

  • In-depth articles about the world's cultures and languages

  • Experiences from other language learners, linguists and coaches

  • Art, song suggestions, movies and book reviews by the community (and you, our members!) 

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Community of smart-working international language learners!

  • Meet other people who are just as commited to progress as you are

  • Mingle and help each other in our discord forum! It's an open space to practise when we're not together also

Commit to Your Goals and See Results!

don't find yourself back feeling like..

  • I had so many goals for this year but I didn't achieve many of them... 

  • I feel overwhelmed. There is so much for me to study but I don't know where to even begin. 

  • I can't focus when I study, I procrastinate a lot and don't really know what I'm doing. 

  • I know where I want to be but I just don't have the motivation to keep at it.. 

Working from a Cafe

After signing up for the membership you will receive a confirmation of purchase email. Shortly after, (please allow 2 business days) another email with a membership induction packet and instructions on how to create a profile on the site will be sent. Once you are in the system, you will have free access to our events, and the backlog of The Polyglot Magazine (and printables found in it). 


  • The accountability sessions are held via Discord every Sunday evening 4pm CET. Details will be emailed to you, found in your induction packet.


  • The Polyglot Magazine is produced quarterly and is circulated via email for members. All backlogged magazine issues will also be available for any new members. 

  • You must RSVP to our events. They are free for members, and members are able to bring plus-ones free of charge. 

how it works

The polyglot magazine is one of a kind, digital magazine focused on providing methodology and insights to language learning, featuring art from local artists, opinions and tips from study influencers all over the world! We often include cultural tidbits and articles featuring both major and minority societies. 

  • Read about the science of language, the way the brain works and valuable methodology to complete your language goals efficiently. 

  • Read in-depth articles about etymology, study methods, history, current discourse in the linguistics community, and society at large.  

  • Get printables to help organise your life and put up on your wall! All kinds of printables from memo sheets to full-blown art pieces. 

  • Enjoy other interesting additions, like polyglot features, recipes, QR-codes to exclusive video, and more!  

 Never lose motivation

Joining the community of passionate polyglots will fill your heart with motivation and inspiration. Study along with our events, get pep talks with the coaches, see the notes of other members, read about cultures and the experiences of others. You'll always be filled with excitement! 

Keep Yourself Accountable

Study along with news, tweets, Instagram posts, movies and more! As you flood your brain with content, it's only natural that your vocabulary will increase and your fluency level along with it!

Pick up valuable study and language skills

Our teachers and coaches work very hard to provide you with long-lasting skills that go beyond your current target language. In-depth articles, training with experts, printables and more! 



There are a lot of passionate people behind us, creating content and articles for all parts of the site. Rae, Anna and Elmo are the founders and will be the leaders of the accountability groups. They have devised the programme from their long experience as both students and teachers of language acquisition.

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