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What's in the Magazine? 

The Polyglot Magazine is a magazine for language enthusiasts, aspiring polyglots and culture lovers. We blend a balance of language acquisition tips, linguistics, culture and community news to cater to our multifaceted readership. Each magazine has a different theme that the articles will be centred around. Once we have decided on a theme, our writers find different perspectives, features, poems and more to illustrate the different magical and captivating uses of language.

Here are some of the things (but not all of the things)

you can find in a Polyglot Mag!

1. Language learning methods and tips 
2. Reviews 
3. Travel Experiences / Culture features 
4. Productivity Tips 
5. Features on interesting words or minority languages 
6. Poems 
7. Original art 
8. Printables (worksheets, quizzes) 

Language is far more than memorising words... 


If you have spent any serious time learning a language, I'm sure you've realised it takes a lot more than memorising words and hacking grammar. That you as a person, you grow and gain in ways you could not have imagined. 

With great power, comes great responsibility, and learning languages is equivalent to attaining power. The power of knowledge and compassion we gain has the ability to make the world a better place one day. 

As a language learner, we commit to being more open and to learning about the world around us and the people in it. We interact with thought's most intimate tools: language & expression. We commit to depth and to humanity. 

The polyglot magazine is a great way to be a part of the community and to further educate yourself on the deeper nuances of language and culture. 

Who is the magazine for? 

Language & Culture Lovers

Our magazine handles all things language! That means we find unique and curious ways to present languages in ways you may have never considered before. Above all else, our magazine is for those passionate about the world’s cultures and the way those cultures communicate. 

Our Community

Our community is the heart of everything we do here at Gladly Global. Our magazine is also a passionate effort to highlight the work and wins of our community and by extension, the entire language community online. Each issue we share wins to boost and motivate our community and highlight healthy productivity. 

Self-Study Learners

Our passion at Gladly Global is helping self-study language learners and people taking language to the lifestyle level find efficient and unique ways to acquire languages. To do this, we share tips, SLA linguistics learning methods, learner experiences and printables to help you along your journey. 

Travel Bugs 

We believe that travel and the places we get inspired by to learn languages are just as integral to our learning and journeys as anything else. The magazine aims to depict places beyond the surface and connect the place with its history and people. The full picture of the beauty of a culture!


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